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what is the need or importance of logic gates ??

Asked by Archie Shah(ST. MARY'S PRIMARY SCHOOL) , on 31/1/14

Logic gates are the basic components used in digital  electronics, They are used to create digital circuits and even complex integrated circuits. Now i suppose you know that logic gates accept and produce only two signals.
i.e., On (denoted by '0') and off (denoted by '1'). 
Now if we take the case of an IC of  a computer, in  some cases  the IC might need a on signal and the other might need an off signal simultaneously. You can't achieve this with the help of simple circuits. Here comes the importance of logic gates which help you to provide OFF output at one station and at the same time we can use a combination to produce ON output at the other station with the help of permutations and combinations of basic types of logic gates( AND, OR, NOR, XOR etc.)
Hence the logic gates are very important in digital electronics.

Posted by on 6/2/14

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