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what type of clothes should we wear in summer why

Asked by Rita(DELHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) , on 26/7/12


@Rita: You may refer to the answers provided by your friends.

@others: Good work! Keep posting.

Posted by Kunal Sharmaon 27/7/12

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We should were cotton clothes in summer as they absorb and evaporate  sweat causing cooling effect.

Posted by Priya Darshini(NATIONAL MODEL SECONDARY SCHOOL) on 26/7/12


ANS: We should prefer cotton clothes in summer because cotton clothes absorb sweat and expose it outside where it dries and gives us a cooling effect. Cotton clothes have pores which allow proper aeration of the body.

Posted by Sanidhya(kendriya vidyalalya no. 2 saltlake) on 26/7/12


 we must wear cotton clothes as it can cool the body. as cotton clothes are good absorber it helps in the absorbsion of sweat and exposes it to the atmosphere for easy evaporation.

Posted by Shefali Mohapatro(INDIAN SCHOOL) on 26/7/12

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