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which one is heavier 100 kg cotton or 100kg iron ?

Asked by Jittu(student) , on 27/5/15

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Of course it is 100kg of iron

Posted by Sooraj Umesh(student)on 30/9/09

More Answers

both are same

Posted by Raj Shah(student)on 30/9/09

dude both r same!!! both r 100kg!!!

Posted by Rahil Ahmed(student)on 1/10/09

both are same because both are of 100 kg each

Posted by abdulrashed(student)on 4/10/09

 100 kg cotton will be heavier.

This is because...

Upthrust acts on both iron and cotton. Cotton has a lower density than that of iron and therefore the upthrust is more whereas upthrust is less on iron compared to cotton.

Now, we know that UPTHRUST= Actual weight-apparent weight

It is given that apparent weight is 100kg in both the causes.

We know upthrust is more on cotton.

Let us suppose upthrust on cotton is 10N


Upthrust= Actual weight- Apparent weight

10=Actaul weight - 100

110kg=Actual weight of cotton 

Even if the upthrust on iron is 9.9 N


Upthrust= Actual weight - Apparent weight

9.9=Actual weight- 100

109.9=Actual weight


Therefore, Cotton is heavier! 

Posted by freakyanushka.....(student)on 16/10/11

Cotton is heavier. Surely 

Posted by Crazy(student)on 10/3/13

Both weigh the same, 100 kg. So although their densities are different, they will weigh the same. 

Posted by Kamlesh Bhatt(teacher)on 27/5/15

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