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why antibiotics should not be overused ??

Asked by Ankita Parihar(KIDZEE HIGH SCHOOL) , on 2/7/11


Dear Student,

Frequent and inappropriate use of antibiotics selects bacteria that can resist treatment. These resistant bacteria require higher doses of medicine or stronger antibiotics to treat. Thus, this is the reason we should antibiotics for common diseases like cold, etc.
Hope this helps,


Posted by Anki( Delhi Public School Greater Noida) on 5/7/11

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Most antibiotics are harmful to our body.Antibiotics which are harmful to bacteria/ viruses etc can also be harmful to us. All of us have immune system to fight against bacteria/ viruses. Antibiotics help us but it costs, then we are dependent on these medicines.

Posted by Videonotes.in Gmail Is Email I...(n) on 5/7/11


Similarly you asked this question at meritnation,you don 't try yourself,  it 's cost you Rs10. Now give me Rs10... :) just kidding. bye

Posted by Videonotes.in Gmail Is Email I...(n) on 5/7/11

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