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why coal and petroleum are called fossil fuel?

Asked by Aratrika De(SUNRISE VILLE SCHOOL) , on 9/2/11


Hi Aratrika,

Imad and Prabhjyot have answered your question correctly. Hope you find them helpful.

@Imad and Prabhjyot, Good answer, Keep posting answers they are helpful to all the users of this community. Both of you deserve a thumbs up from the experts. Keep it up!!

Best wishes!!

Posted by C. Muthu Kumarion 10/2/11

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 you could also say,

fossils are formed over millions of years, so fossil fuels are those which take millions of years to form.

Posted by Joba Bovas(HOLY CHILD AUXILIUM SCHOOL) on 9/2/11

 petrolium and coal are called fossil fuels because plants and animal wastes are burried under earth 's crust millions of years ago     and they are limited

please give a thums up if i am not wrong

Posted by Sudeep Rai(DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 25/2/11

they are called fossil fuels because they are formed from fossils buried deep under the earth 's surface . they 're formed by the decomposition of biomass.

Posted by Gaurav Bailung(Salt Brook Academy) on 22/3/11

 I HAVE A DIFFERENT VIEW....dead reamains of living beings r called fossils...there4, the fuel formed by decomposition of it shud b called fossil fuels..

Posted by Rohan Majithia(BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN SCHOOL) on 27/3/11


It is not ' petrolium '.......it 's ' Petroleum '.


Posted by Nayani Chaudharyon 16/10/11

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