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Why is DNA copying necessary during reproduction?

Asked by Sana , on 11/1/14

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DNA copying is necessary during reproduction because:

1.It is responsible for the transmission of parental characteristics to its offspring.

2.During DNA copying in reproduction , the variations arise due to inheritance of traits from both the parents which lead to certain genetic variations which are useful for the survival of species overtime.

Posted by Pradyum Sahayon 11/1/14


DNA contains genes, which have the blueprint/design of our body.

DNA copying is the reason why a human cannot give birth to a snake. Ha! just joking.

on more serious terms, DNA copying transfers characteristics from parents to offsprings, and variations also arise due to mixing of DNA from mother and father. Variations are important for evolution, and evolution is important for survival!

Posted by Shivangi Singhon 11/1/14

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