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 why mining is called a killer industry?

Asked by Karthik Joshi , on 20/10/12


Follow the given link:


Posted by Sushrita Dason 23/10/12

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  Answer:  The reasons are –

1. High risks involved.
2. Due to poisonous fumes, mines are vulnerable to workers for pulmonary diseases.
3. Contaminated water sources.
4. Fires in coal mines, risks of collapsing mine roofs (top surface).

Posted by Guess Yourselfon 5/3/11

 The impacts of mining on the health of the miners and the environment are:

i. The dust and noxious fumes inhaled by miners make them vulnerable to
pulmonary diseases. 
ii. The risk of collapsing mine roofs, inundation and fires in coalmines are a
constant threat to miners.
iii. The water sources in the region get contaminated due to mining.
iv. Dumping of waste and slurry leads to degradation of land, soil, and increase in
stream and river pollution.
that is why it is called killer industry.,

Posted by Gunjan(Fergusson College) on 5/3/11

 Mines are located underground or under the surface of the earth and while working under the harsh environment of mines many workers loose their lives thus creating a unique identification of mining as a killer industry.

Posted by Sajan Coolzon 5/3/11


Because u get lots of injuries and you get quite ill (arthritis, coughing fits and allergies are common) and many people die

Posted by Akanksha Chauhanon 20/10/12

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