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 write  a article on a modern romance based on the chapter best seller

Asked by Prity (student) , 3 weeks, 1 day ago

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The literacy meaning of Modern Romance is an exciting relationship between two people who love each other.Modern romance knows no creeds,caste,colour,status etc.,The love story of Pescud and Jessie is an example.........(continue)

Posted by Tanweer Masrath (student) on 11/12/11

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 modern romance between pescud and jessie

Posted by Vansh Gupta (student) on 11/10/12


As the author was travelling he met his old acquaintance whomhe had not seen him for 2 yrs .it was johna.pescud of pittsburgh,travelling salesman for a plate-glass company .he saw a royal girl named jessie and got attracted to the girl.while she got down at virginia .he came in searching for this girl jessie.pescud follows her but it was difficult to find . but he finally reaches to the mansion of the girl jessie .her house was very huge with white round pillars about a 1000 feet high and yards was so full of roses-bushes and lilacs that he coundn 't had seen the house if it hadn 't been as big as the capitol of washington. pescud speaked to the girl for the first time .jessie informed that her father would not approve of their meeting .so pescud decided to meet her father .pescud meets her father andand told him everything. her father approved them for their meeting .two days later they meet alone.they fell in love with each other.and thy got married a year later.they both lived happily.although pescud hated best seller but the same kind of story in that book happened in his real life .. 

Posted by Nourish (student) on 13/1/13

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