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Write a page in your diary about an amotional moment with your grandparents?

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Asked by Badal Agrawal(THE PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY SCHOOL) , on 18/5/12


Dear Diary,

I am feeling very low and emotional today. I went to spend this weekend with my grandparents. They had been insisting me on visiting time since sometime now. So, I went to stay with them. My grandmother was very emotional to see me. She hugged me tight and started to cry. She has been suffering from Alzheimer's since last 2 years now. So, she just could not believe that I had grown up so much and had grown taller than her. She still thinks of me as a kid sitting on her lap and playing ludo. It was a very painful moment for me to see her weep so much. I just hugged her and talked to her the entire weekend about all the childhood memories we shared. I also promised to meet her every once in a while, as and when I got time. It was very difficult to say goodbye to her on Monday morning. (to be continued as per your own ideas and perceptions.)

Posted by Amrita Hazraon 21/5/12

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