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Write difference between cryptogams & phanerogams?

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz expert help me its urgent

Asked by Raman Mishra(Red Roses Public School) , on 29/2/12


@Raman:- Kindly refer to the answers provided by your friends.

@Christie & Kritika:- We  really appreciate your contribution to this forum, keep contributing!!

Posted by Shivali Joshion 29/2/12

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  • they show hidden reproductive organs
  • they produce spores for reproductions
  • it includes division thallophyta, bryophyta and pteridophyta
  • they don 't show the presence of vascular tissues(except pteridophytes)


  • show presence of propermale and female gametes inside proper reproductive organs
  • they produce seeds for reproduction
  • it includes divisionangiosperms and gymnosperms
  • they show the presence of vascular tissue

hope it helps!! :)

Posted by Christie1on 29/2/12

cryptogames are less evolved and are seedless and flowerless plants

phanerogames are more evovled , have seeds and produces flowers.

Posted by Ritika Jainon 29/2/12


thx christie a lot

be my friend 

Posted by Raman Mishra(Red Roses Public School) on 29/2/12

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