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School Talk

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aussies all out
Asked by Champ Ion 37 seconds ago 1 Comments Reply
106 to win for India. Easy? :P
Asked by 38 seconds ago 1 Comments Reply
kya yaar merit ke log itne boring hein
Asked by Afsana Shaik 56 seconds ago Reply
koi hai jaan pehchan ka yaha
Asked by Aaradhaya Sharma 1 minute ago 2 Comments Reply
hii frnds
Asked by Aaradhaya Sharma 1 minute ago Reply
aashna bhai !! kaha maar gai ?
Asked by Sejal 1 minute ago 1 Comments Reply
Asked by Yanya 2 minutes ago 2 Comments Reply
_exit_ *grabs helen keller novel*
Asked by Vidushi Gupta 2 minutes ago Reply
I can wet your lips And your fingertips And happiness in your eyes Kiss me Close your eyes Miss me Close your eyes.
Asked by Samhi 2 minutes ago 1 Comments Reply
Asked by Ishita Sharma 2 minutes ago Reply
love u so much Ailzz (insta pe ao moti ) love u :** (even more thn zoozii ) x"D
Asked by Fatimah Sj 3 minutes ago Reply
Helen Keller and Alexander Graham Bell were friends. Whoa.
Asked by I R I N 3 minutes ago 8 Comments Reply
Asked by Garal Vashishtha 4 minutes ago Reply
koi hai .-. ?? bore kar dia yaar !!
Asked by Sejal 4 minutes ago 16 Comments Reply
Asked by Afsana Shaik 4 minutes ago Reply