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jaise meine kaha s__________on aur ch**________n ko samajna be kar hain,when i was hacked and changed ma name to mc bc u knew it was hacker na like that hes not trustworthy@t @LL
Asked by Mk Selfieking 8 seconds Reply
Amu di....ab toh 2-2 sumi hai merit pe
Asked by Sumanya Popli 35 seconds ago Reply
Asked by Arshpreet Sigh 1 minute ago Reply
asli wala bye
Asked by Arshpreet Sigh 2 minutes ago 4 Comments Reply
chal chaiya chaiya chaiya chal chaiya chaiya dilse flop but songs all time hit
Asked by Mk Selfieking 2 minutes ago Reply
Arsh veer ji phir se aa gaye ap
Asked by Sumanya Popli 4 minutes ago 3 Comments Reply
Are you ready to be good again? #Param :P We r giving u a chance, close this topic here! K ^_^
Asked by A A M N A 7 minutes ago 5 Comments Reply
Asked by Arshpreet Sigh 9 minutes ago 7 Comments Reply
Sumaiya nyc meeting uh
Asked by Sumanya Popli 9 minutes ago 8 Comments Reply
Gm meRit ^_^ XD
Asked by Nikhil 10 minutes ago 5 Comments Reply
no 1 hea???:(:(
Asked by Anime.....chan 10 minutes ago 1 Comments Reply
gud 9t sd :)
Asked by Arshpreet Sigh 10 minutes ago Reply
bye evry 1 nd keep smiling tc
Asked by Arshpreet Sigh 11 minutes ago 4 Comments Reply
devansh..talk to me else I 'll reach God before u
Asked by Muskaan 11 minutes ago 8 Comments Reply
m going param gsti to drke nhi apne app to drke kyunki s@ala apne mother father na kho baithe
Asked by Arshpreet Sigh 12 minutes ago 4 Comments Reply

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