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okk bye :"(
Asked by Radhika 12 seconds ago Reply
Riya..i suggest..leave..stop thinking abt that coz i know u r more than that! if he doesnt care he doesnt know that u have a heart of gold..n he doesnot deserve you..move on! u r born to do something more with ur life than this shitty thing..destiny might have planned a better one for u :)
Asked by ...mahira... 22 seconds ago Reply
hey anyone wants to join mee at facebook
Asked by Vicky 1 minute ago Reply
sorry i dozed off :P
Asked by Sp Three Blue 1 minute ago Reply
Aaj tum par aansuo kee barsaat hogi, Phir wohi andheri kaali raat hogi, Yaad naa karke tumne dil dukhaaya hain mera, Jaa tere badan me khujali saari raat hogi
Asked by Dev 1 minute ago 1 Comments Reply
koi h?????????
Asked by Shrawani Anand 2 minutes ago Reply
Asked by Radhika 2 minutes ago Reply
HaPpy ChoCoLaTe DaY.....!!:)) how many chocolates u guys got till now.....??:))
Asked by Anwesa Karmakar 3 minutes ago 3 Comments Reply
Byee allzz... Tc.. ks.. hf! ;') C ya later.. good day ahead! :D
Asked by A N G E L I Q U E 3 minutes ago 3 Comments Reply
haad hai ..!
Asked by Radhika 4 minutes ago Reply
Hello ....
Asked by Hazel Grace 5 minutes ago Reply
Dekh Meri Audi Kali Seat Bhi Ho Ri Khali Na Sharmave Gori Aaja Baith Kade Tu Chaali - (4) Haan Karde Tu Ek Baar Tane Jannat Ki Sair Kara Du Ib Soche K Tu Aaja Tere Saare Shaunk Puga Du - (2) Meri Yaari Dildari Saare Jahan Mein Cha Ri Main Chora Na Fukra Na Fukr...
Asked by Dev 7 minutes ago 7 Comments Reply
koi hai ya nhi.....!! sooo bored.....!!:(( huh...!!:\
Asked by Anwesa Karmakar 7 minutes ago 4 Comments Reply
Read last post anirudh of mine
Asked by Riya Vaghasia 7 minutes ago Reply
koi hai kya???
Asked by Devadyuti Sahoo 8 minutes ago Reply

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