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School Talk

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Only boys stay late night. Lazy girls :]
Asked by Raphael 13 seconds ago Reply
The Dark Side of "Mahatma" Gandhi >.>
Asked by K I R I T O 1 minute ago Reply
Are you a spy? Yes or no.
Asked by Raphael 3 minutes ago 2 Comments Reply
Gandhi was so rude to his wife. -___-"
Asked by O M I C R O N 4 minutes ago 13 Comments Reply
What?s going on on the floor? I love this record baby but I can?t see straight anymore Keep it cool, what?s the name of this club? I can?t remember but it?s alright, a-alright Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm I think this sort of situation requires more than merely dancing....
Asked by Raphael 5 minutes ago 1 Comments Reply
Asked by A A M N A 6 minutes ago 2 Comments Reply
Tarun yrr jaldi aaa :P
Asked by Himanshu Sharma 7 minutes ago 5 Comments Reply
love me like you dooo :)
Asked by Naman Rajput 7 minutes ago 1 Comments Reply
Asked by Little Cobra 8 minutes ago Reply
Tarunnnn -_- Aaja Bhai Itna wait maine Kisi ladki ka bhi ni kiya ._.
Asked by Rj 9 minutes ago Reply
Jab Raat koi na dhale , Subah mai ban jaunga ^.^ Bahane se tere lab chhu lunga , Na hoke bhi ho jaunga :D Tanhaiyo m na Ghabraiyo ^_- Milne ek lamhe tu aiyo :') ♥
Asked by Rj 10 minutes ago 22 Comments Reply
Bye Goodnight! :)
Asked by Astha 12 minutes ago 4 Comments Reply
Asked by Stunner 13 minutes ago Reply
My dp , hands up kitty!
Asked by Lil Okie 13 minutes ago Reply
Asked by Stunner 13 minutes ago 1 Comments Reply