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What is Electric Bulb?
An electric bulb refers to an electric lamp which consists of a translucent or transparent glass housing. It is also known as a light bulb. This simple device has been used for the purpose of illumination for more than a century.

Electric bulb refers to a device which produces light on the application of electricity. Such a bulb is certainly powerful enough to lighten up a dark place.Types of Electric bulb
Electric bulbs can be of various types. Below are the various types of electric bulbs which are in usage:

Incandescent electric bulb- These bulbs turn electricity into light by sending the electric current through filament. Furthermore, filament refers to a thin wire. Moreover, electric filaments comprise mostly of the metal tungsten.

Most noteworthy, it is the resistance of the filament which actually heats the bulb up. Consequently, when the filament gets hot enough, it starts glowing and produces light.

Fluorescent Light Bulb- These electric bulbs are quite efficient by their nature. Furthermore, they give only a quarter of the amount of heat of an incandescent bulb. Moreover, fluorescent bulbs last longer in comparison to the incandescent bulbs.

Fluorescent bulb comprises of a glass tube and the argon gas fills it up along with a little bit of mercury. When an individual turns on this bulb, the cathode heats up.

As a result of this heat, the cathode sends out the heat. Consequently, the electrons hit the argon gas and the mercury.

The argon gas creates a plasma which allows the electrons to move around efficiently. Furthermore, when electrons the mercury atom, the molecule gets into a state of immense energy. However, this energetic state lasts for a short duration, and ultimately the energy gets released which releases a photon.

A phosphor coating gets accumulated on the bulb wall. Finally, when the phosphor releases energy, it certainly lets out a photon. Hence, one is able to see the photon and light is made

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