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. Which one of the following is not true about empty hard gelatin manufacturing?
A. Separate moulds are used for manufacturing of caps and body
B. The stripping stages helps to form uniform thickness of ?gelatin
C. Monitoring the viscosity of the solution is important
D. During dipping, the pins are immersed in a gelatin solution maintained at 40-50OC C
E. None of the above
2. Evaluation of empty gelatin capsule does not include
A. Moisture content test
B. Disintegration test
C. Wight lose on drying
D. General appearance
E. Dissolution test
3. Quality control of filled capsules does not include
A. Weight variation
B. ?Content uniformity test
C. Disintegration test
D. Dissolution test
E. Friability test
F. none of the above
4. Properties of powders for hard gel encapsulation does not include?
A. Flowability of particles ?
B. Compactibility
C. Narrow particle size distribution
D. Low bulk density
E. None of the above
5. The lengthy sugar coating time and coating defects can be decreased by
a. By using suspension sub coating solution
b. By applying the coating solution followed by dusting
c. By using larger amount of dusting powder
d. ?By using larger amount of gum( binder) solution
e. A and B
f. All of the above
6 One of the following is not true about process air variables in film coating
A. Atomizing air jet positioning narrow may require high amount of coating solution as compared to a wide positioning ?
B. Atomizing air pressure, air volume and shape and design of air jets may affects spray pattern
C. Finer spray droplets can be attained by using higher atomizing air pressure and high volume of air.
D. None of the above
7. As major differences between Sugar and Film one of the following is not true, in film coating
A. You can coat any shape of tablet.
B. Pelletization is ?more easier than in sugar coating
C. automation more adaptable ?than sugar coating does
D. Control variables are more subjective than sugar coating
E. None of the above
8. ?during separation of empty hard gelatin capsule components (cap and body)
?The cap and the body pass through a bushing lower and upper, respectively and which are later separated for filling
A. The capsules rectify themselves through a rectification channel , i.e. body-end downward
B. Vacuum is utilized to trap the cap to the lower bushing
C. All of the above
D. ?A and C
9. Filled hard gelatin capsule polishing can be performed by
A. Hand polishing with a cloth or gauze if a small batch is prepared
B. Rotation in a drum with vacuum
C. Rolling on a cloth-covered surface
D. All of the above
E. B and C
10. One of the following is not true about Pan pour/Conventional coating pan/
A. Employs poring of solution
B. The method is very slow and relies on the skill of the operator
C. Tablets require additional drying to remove latent solvents
D. Suitable for aqueous based solutions ?
E. None of the above
11. One of the following is not true about mixing of tablet mass in tablet coating
A. Pan shape and rotational speed and loading all affect the mixing of tablet mass
B. Uniform mixing is essential to deposit the same quantity of thickness on each tablet.
C. Too slow will lead to tablets sticking to each other or to the pan
D. Too high may lead to a rough coating appearance on the tablets
E. Usually higher speed is used for aqueous film coating and a lower speed for non-aqueous film coating
Capsules are one of the most common used dosage forms, this is because they are
A. Invasive or free flowing
B. More Palatability/Administration
C. Portable
D. coni snap capsules are ?hard to tamper
E. Accurate dosing as compared to liquid dosage forms
F. All except ?A?

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