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indirect direct speech
210) I asked who had dropped a ten pound note.
215) Bill asked if I would move to New York when I got the job.
220) He told his client to read the document before signing.
225) The teacher said that they would see a new film the day before.
230) Tom asked which team had won the previous match.
235) The secretary asked us to fill in that form.
240) He told them than John had been busy the day before and hadn't rung him up.
245) Miss Johns asked how much it cost.
250) He asked if I didn't realize what had happened.
255) Fred told Helen he would have to get there that day.
260) He said that if I didn't like escalators I could go up the emergency staircase.
269) He said if I found the door locked I had to wait outside.
279) They told her to sit down and keep quiet.
284) He asked what the weather had been like during my holidays.
295) He said if I found the door locked I was to go round to the back.
304) I asked if she had looked for the book everywhere.
309) She asked if he would like to go to the concert.
314) My sister said that she had no English books at home.
319) The teacher told his students that he was pleased with their work.
324) She said that her children werw playing in the garden.
329) I told the taxi driver that he was driving too fast.
334) She told the grocer that she didn't want any sugar.
344) Henry told his teacher that he liked airthmatics but didn't like algebra.
359) I said that the weather had been awful during the holidays.
364) He told Ann that she could walk up the stairs.
379) I asked him if he had enjoyed listening to the opera.
384) He said that he was surprised to see that the grandparents clock had stopped.
389) She said that she had tried to ring up her mother several times on the previous day.
394) She thanked me and said that she had already read that book.
399) She asked if I was going to the concert.
404) She said that she was lucky to meet them again.
409) I asked the boy what else he had seen there.
414) I asked my cousin if he had drown the newspaper down.
419) The farmee asked the vistors not to leave the gates open.
424) Bryan told Mike that he would phone him the next day.
429) Mary asked her father why those flowers had blossomed so soon.
434) He asked me how often I had my hair cut.
444) The driver said that he would stay there till Tom got back.
449) She asked her how often he visited her .
I asked Gorge if he would go with us the following day.
459) The boy asked me not to tell his mother about it .
464) She says she will manage to finish this work in a week.
469) Mother told Jane not to go out without her coat on.
474) She asked If I could help her to solve that problem.
484) She asked me whether I had been ill since Monday.
489) The doctor said that the operation would be very serious.
494) They said they had a lift but very often it didn't work.
504) Mr. Jones asked where the booking-office was.
509) The pupil told the teacher that he could do his task after dinner that day.
514) Ann asked John if he was staying at the hotel.
519) Margaret asked him where he was going for his holiday.
524) My aunt asked if she could get coffee on the train.

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