1.A green fuel.
2.State the odd one out and give reasonS: 
         Intestine, liver, intestinal artery, hepatic artery, hepatic portal vein.
3.State the exact location of inguinal canal.
4.An embryo respires but does not breathe. Give reason.

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1. Green fuel is a general term which refers to the environmental friendly fuels. e.g. Bioethanol (which is alcohol made from fermentation of grapes), biogas etc.
A full-grown human embryo respires but does not breathe.
  • Respiration (oxidation of glucose) in embryo occurs through diffusion of dissolved oxygen from mother's blood into the blood of embryo. This is used by embryo for oxidation of glucose and production of energy.
  • Lungs in an embryo lie collapsed. They start functioning after expulsion from mother's body. So, no breathing movements are possible in the embryo. Also, it does not need to breathe as oxygen is being supplied to it by the mother.
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1--- best green fuel is ETHANOL
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