1.Differentiate between uniform and non-uniform motion,speedometer and odometer.

2.etablished the relatinship between time and distance?

3. what is simple pendulam?Describe the motion of simple pendulam with diagram and define time period.

1.a>uniform motion -  when anything covers equal distances in  equal intervals of time and travels in a straight line it is said to be in uniform motion. like 3 km in 1 hr and  6km in 2hrs

non-uniform motion-when an object doesn't travels in straight line and covers unequal distance it is called non-uniform motion.like 3km in 1 hr and 7 km in 2 hrs.

b>speedometer gives the speed of an object  in kmhr at a certain point of time.but in an odometer shows the distance covered by the object in km.

2.the time and distance are used to calculate the speed of the object.

3.a simple pendulum consists of a nonmagnenic body suspended by an inextensible string attached to a point of

    suspension to calculate the time period............

   b>the time taken by a simple pendulum for a to and fro motion or oscillation is its  time period

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