1. for a given data with 120 observations, the less than ogive and more than ogive intersect at ( 42.5,60 ). The median of the data is : A ) 60 B) 42.5 C ) 120 D ) 21.25

2.if alpha and beeta are the zeroes of the polynomial 2x2_7x+3,then form a quadratic polynomial whose zeroes are 1/alpha and 1/beeta. 

3.solve the following pair of linear equations graphically: x+y+1=0,2x_y_4=0.also shade the triangular region formed by these lines obtained and x-alpxis.

4.ABC is a triangle. PQ is the line segment intersecting AB in P and AC in Q such that PQ||BC and divides the triangle into two parts equal in areas. Find BP:AB.

5.if x=acostheeta, y=bsintheeta, then b2x2+ a2y2 is equal to: A )1 B)_1 C) 0 D ) 2ab. 

6. If x=a, y=b is the solution of the pair of linear equations x_y=2 and x+y=4, then the respective value of a and b are: A ) 3,5 B)5,3 C ) 3,1 D )_1,_3

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