1)Give structure of mature insuline molecule?

2)Give role of transgenic animals in production of biological product?

3)different methods to introduce recombinant DNA into host cell?

4)Explain advantages of geneticaly modiefied dna?

5)Explain how gene therphy can be used to treat ada deficiency?

6)Why foreign DNA and vector DNA are cut by same restriction endonucleus?

7)Give detail account of biotechnology application for production of pest resistant plants?

8)How is genetic material DNAisolated from cell in its pure form?

9)describe PCR?

10)explain how human insulin is produced using recombinant DNA technology?

11)what is palnotropic in DNA?

11)explain in brief 3 features that are required to facilitate cloning into a vector?

12) Why allien piece of DNA in an organism needs to be linked to ORI?why?

1. Insulin is a protein (hormone), made up of  51 amino acids. It is made up of two chains A-chain and B-chain. Both the chains are linked together by disulfide bonds.

2. Transgenic animals are of great importance to us for the production of biological product. They are also used as experimental models fo studying various diseases. Mutated gene is inserted into the mouse to study the nature of disease.

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