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 (1) please explain the types of stem 1. runner 2. stolons 3. offsets with examples 

 (2) modification of stem 1. sucker 2. corm 3. rhizome 4. cladodes with examples ......


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Ishan has provided a very good answer, I would just like to add a point.

Runner is a type of stolon which spread on the ground and grow over the soil. Jasmine is a runner as it grows above the ground.

@Ishan: Very good! Keep posting.

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Ishan Goyal , added an answer, on 29/6/12
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  • develop into a new plant.�

    Example is: strawberry plant.

  • Stolon is a modification of stem which includes rhizomes, runners etc

  • offset is a vegetative structure formed in vegetative propagation. It is capable of giving rise to new offspring. For example:- Water hyacinth
  • Suckers are the short underground stem branches that arise from the base of an aerial stem. These branches can grow aerially and develop adventitious roots and new suckers at their bases. These suckers can be separated for independent propagation and development of plants
  • . Corm is a short, swollen underground plant stem.

    Gladiolus plant

  • rhizome :A continuously growing horizontal underground stem that puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals

  • A phylloclade of one or two internode is called as a cladode. There are no suitable examples of cladodes because, Ruscus and Asparagus, which are often considered as cladodes, are in reality, cladophylls. A cladophyll is a flattened leaf like stem arising in the axils of a minute, bract-like, true leaf.



    structure of cladodes in ruscus and asparagus
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Sakshi Jatia , added an answer, on 14/7/12
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thnx ishan

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