1)The percentage of fresh weight in most of the herbaceous plants is
a)10-15 %
c)above 90%
d)less than 10%
2)for covering a small distance, substance move by
b)cytoplasmic streaming
c)active transport
plz ans the questions with explanation.....

Dear Student,

1)  Assuming, the questing is asking about percentage of water in fresh weight of a herbaceous plant, it's about 80-90%. So, the answer is option b) 85-90%

2) Diffusion is the movement of molecules or atoms from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration as a result of a random motion of the molecules or atoms. Substances can move larger or smaller distances by diffusion to take occupy a space.
Cytoplasmic streaming is a flow inside the cytoplasm.  In this, the flow means that the cytoplasm is moving inside the cell.
Active transport is the movement of molecules across a membrane from a region of their lower concentration to a region of higher concentration against the concentration gradient. So, all the three methods can help a substance occupy a small distance.
Hence, the answer is option d) all

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