1. What are different dimensions of deforestation in India? If it means causes of deforestation in India pls type "Yes".!!

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Yes both mean the same.

Causes of deforestation:-

1. Due to increase in the needs agriculture is expanding, for which they are clearing the forests.

2. They are clearing the forests for using these land as a grazing land.

3. They are clearing the forests for timber collection.

4. Fire is also a major cause of deforestation.

5. They are clearing forests for building dams.

6. Mining is also a cause, for digging mines they first need to clear the land by removing forests.

7. Palm oil is also a major cause of deforestation, demand of palm oil is increasisg day by day which leads to increase in deforestation.

8. Cultivation shifting is also a cause of deforestation, farmers shift their land for cultivation when their land becomes unfertile.

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The following points may help u:

a. It has been estimated that the total forest cover in India  has been 637,293 sq km, approximately 19.39%.

b. Out of which dense forest region is 11.48% and open forest cover is 7.76%.

c. Mangrove forest includes 0.15%.

d. Though the area under dense forest region has increased, there is no precise information data on loss of natural forest cover.

e. Deforestation rate has also increased due to increased population, growing urbanisation, industralisation.
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