(1) When is Your,Birthday?  or When is your birthday? (2) Prepare,your lesson-well. or Prepare your lesson well.  (3) Have you,read-macbeth? or Have you read Macbeth,  which are correct

Hi all,
@dey_ramprakash, all your friends Trunaya, Devanshi and Priyanka have provided the correct option. However, I would like to explain to you the usage of a comma.
Comma is used to separate words, phrases, group of words, etc. It is used to highlight the difference between meanings of various phrases as well as to give a brief pause in a sentence.
For instance:
a)  Among 10 students, only 3 participated in the competition.
However, the 1st option of all the sentences posted in your query conveys a single meaning. Thus, there would be no usage of comma.
@Trunaya, Devanshi and Priyanka, well done! Keep posting!
Best wishes!

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 the second option is correct in all of dem!!

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 the second option is correct in all the questions

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 The second on is correct in all of the ques. :))))))

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