10lines on child labour and use of internet

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Child labor

  • In India there are rampant cases of child labor and atrocities carried out against children.
  • People continue to employ children, in spite of the fact that child labor is illegal.
  • Often children are kept as domestic help under terrible conditions.
  • Parents of children should be educated about the fact that sending their children to be employed is in itself a crime.
  • People who use child labor should be severely punished.
  • NGOs and government organizations should take active steps to prevent child labor.


  • Internet is a gift on science.
  • Internet is primarily a mode of communication.
  • We can also use Internet to gather information.
  • There are a number of websites and news portals that provide us with the latest developments in our country as well as elsewhere.
  • Internet can be misused as well.
  • Parental guidance and control should be present when children use the Internet.

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