Q.1. You have a friend whose parents are too indulgent in his/her daily affairs. They think him/her to be still young which makes him/her sad and is upset all the time. As he/she feels that the parents should give him/her opportunity to take independent decision on some issues.
(a) Would you support your friend and why?
(b) Write the characteristics of this age group.
(c) List two curative measure

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Please refer the solution below for the said query

(a). Yes, we would support our friend due to peer pressure faced by him/her. Otherwise this would make him/her dependent and he/she will be unable to cope in the real world. 
(b). The characteristics of this age group are excitement, curiousness, adventurous, experimentation etc.
(c). The two curative measures may be  education & counselling, avoiding of undue peer pressure.

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