25 ml of H2 and 18ml of I2 vapours were heated in a sealed vessel at 456 C when at equilibrium 30.8 ml of HI was formed. Calculate the degree of dissociation of pure HI

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The degree of dissociation of HI can be calculated from the reaction,

H2 +I22HI
Clearly, I2 is the limiting reagent hence the amount of HI formed depends on volume of I2 .
1 mL of I2 will produce 2 mL of HI, hence 18mL of I2 will produce 36 mL HI theoretically.
Volume of HI formed theoretically = 36 mL
​Volume of HI formed actually = 30.8 mL

Degree of dissociation = 30.836×100 = 85.55%
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