2g of hydrogen combine with 16g of oxygen to form water.How many grams of water will be formed?Please help me solve this problem as soon as possible!

The balanced equation for the reaction is:

2H2 + O2 → 2 H2O

This shows two moles of Hydrogen reacts with 1 mole of oxygen in order to produce 2 mole of water.

Mass of 1 hydrogen = 1 g per mole

Mass of 1 oxygen atom = 16 g per mole 

Mass of 1 water molecule is 18 g per mole  

Hence 4 g of hydrogen reacts with 32 g of oxygen to produce 36 g of water 

On dividing the above equation by 2, we will get

2 g of hydrogen reacts with 16g of oxygen in order to yield 18 g of water. 

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2g + 16g = 18g

they can be added because the ratio of hydrogen and oxygen is 1:8 and this obeys the law of definite proportions.

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Thank you Sumanth Penta..

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18 g

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