3 and 4

(iii) 1. trying/by/ever/fail/few
       2. shirk from/trying/do not
       3. yourself/avoid/and/all/negative thoughts/believe/in

(iv) 1. pleased/God/brings/prosperity/rain/when
       2. over pleased/he/when/havoc/but/cause
       3. blessings/one/rain/nature/of/wondersns/the/and/of

a) Few ever fail by trying
b) Do not shirk from trying
c) Believe in yourself and avoid all negative thoughts.

4. There seems to be some words missing. Given below are the probable answers.
a) Rain brings prosperity when God is pleased
b) But causes havoc when he is over pleased
c) One of the wonders and blessings of nature is rain.

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