3. Elements A,B and C have atomic numbers x, x+1 and x+2 respectively. 'C' is an alkali metal. 'A' reacts with another element 'Y' to form the compound 'AY' 'A' and 'Y' belong to the same group. 'AY' possesses an
(a) ionic bond
(b) covalent bond
(c) metallic bonding
(d) coordinate bond

Dear student
A , B and C have atomic number x, x+1 and x+2
It is said that C is an alkali metal. Let us assume that it is Na 
A will then have two electrons less than Na,(or say C). i.e it is a halogen
When A is a halogen, Y is also a halogen
The type of bonding then  between A and Y is covalent bonding.
Hence option (b) is correct


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