3. I -------------------- the newspaper every morning.
a) read b) will read c) am reading d) have read
4. When I visited her she --------------------- bed-ridden for six months.
a) had been b) was c) has been d) were
5. I ------------------ in 2006.
a) graduated b) will graduate c) had graduated d) would graduate
6. There --------------------- a famine in Bengal in 1982.
a) was b) were c) has been d) had been
7. During Akbar's reign the Mughals ------------------------ the supreme power in India.
a) become b) had become c) became d) would become
8. Janet ----------------------- home.
a) went b) has gone c) had gone
9. It is 6 o'clock. She ---------------------- home.
a) will reach b) will have reached c) is reaching d) reached
10. She ---------------------- many awards for her contribution to classical music.
a) won b) has won c) had won d) wins

Dear Student, 3. (a) read 4. (a) had been 5. (a) graduated 6. (d) had been 7. (c) became 8. (c) had gone 9. (a) will reach 10. (b) has won Regards

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