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3. The poet left the first road and took the one less travelled by because he wanted to explore a new route and thought that this road might have better opportunities.
4. It has not been mentioned very clearly as to whether the poet was happy or sad to have made the choice because at the end, the difference it made to his life was happy or sad has not been mentioned. So, we cannot answer this question for sure as the poet leaves the poem open-ended.


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which capter which topic not clear
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The road not taken by robert frost
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The poet left the first road thinking that it might not lead to his prefered destination and also because he wanted to take the road that was less travelled by. 
The speaker does not seem happy about his decision as the left out road seemed to be equally less travelled. In fact he wanted to take both the roads but being a traveller it was not possible for him to take both at the same time.

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