5. What was the reaction of the people when the government decided to reserve 27% of
the seats for backward classes?
7. What is the need for political institutions in a country?

Dear student,
5) The reaction of public was fulminant because the other category student did not receive any benefits of this scheme rather than they were at loss because they need to struggle more due to this reservation scheme.

7) Need for political institutions:

a. It ensures that the system runs according to rule of law and not according to whims and fancies of a ruler.
b. It protects the rights of the citizens.
c. It ensures clear separation of powers where the legislature is responsible for making laws, executive for implementing them and judiciary as the guardian of individual rights.
d. It ensures justice and fairness in the system as the powers and jurisdiction of every institutions is clearly defined by the constitution.
e. It ensures consultation and deliberation and prevent any haste decision.  

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