50 tissue culture deals with all except

50 tissue culture deals with all except 53. 48. '&rtify incorrect match. (1) Swoss cheese (2) (3) Toddy — Penicillium roquefortii — Soyabean — Caryota urens (4) Camembert cheese — Penicillium camembertii 49. Which of the following feature is present in a maize variety resistant to stem borers? (1) Low nitrogen and high sugar content _(2f Low nitrogen and high aspartic acid content (3) High nitrogen and low sugar content (4) Low sugar and low aspartic acid content 50. Tissue culture deals with all, except (1) Fast and efficient system of plant improvement (2) in-vivo growth of plant cells (3) Formation of pathogen free plantlets 4 Production of somaclones

Deaar Student Tissue culture is an in vitro technique. So the correct answer is (2).

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