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6 7 9 11 q I. Define vibrant economy. 2. What do you mean by commercialisation of agriculture? 3. How can you define socialist economy? a. What is infant mortality rate? 5, Distinguish between equal and equitable distribution of income. 6. Highlight the salient features of India's pre-independence structure. 7. Briefly evlah how does the surplus trade benefit to the Britishers7 S. WIIzt led to tlr failure of planninfg in India? Give three 9. What do you know about Zamindari system? 10. Wrie a short note On: (a) GDP growth (b) Self sufficiency IL Expalin any five featues of economic policy pursued under planning till 1991. [21 121 131

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Ans 6) The occupation structure in India was unbalanced. Agriculture was the main source of occupation. It employed nearly 75% of the population while manufacturing and service sector employed only 10% and 15% respectively. The industrial sector was at an infant stage. 

Ans 7) During the colonial rule India enjoyed a huge export surplus as generated from export of primary products. The export of primary goods was used by the British industries. Also the revenue generated from the export was used to finance The Britain's administrative expenditure.
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