7, 8 ,9 question . Solve plz fast

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Question 8)Let the base and height of triangle be 7x and 5x respectively.Area of triangle=12×base×height280=12×7x×5x280×2=35x2x2=56035x2=16x=4cmThus, the base of triangle =7x=7×4=28cmand the height of triangle =5x=5×4=20cm
Question 9)

We know by Heron's formulaArea of triangle=ss-as-bs-cwhere, s=a+b+c2Acc. to question,s=80+41+412=1622=81Area of triangle=ss-as-bs-c=8181-8081-4181-41=81×1×40×40=9×9×8×5×8×5=9×8×5=9×40=360 m2Cost of levelling per m2=Rs 12Cost of levelling 360m2=Rs 12×360=Rs 4320

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9th question u can use herons formuala to find out the area and then multiply the cost with the area.

in the 8th question u have to make an equation using triangles are formula b x h.


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