8. Once as Saint Peter was walking around the world preaching, he came to the door of an old woman who was baking cakes. It was very cold outside and he was almost about to faint because of fasting. He asked the old lady for a cake. She made a very little cake, but as it was baking, she thought it was too large to give away. Therefore, she kneaded another still smaller one, but found it as large as the previous one. Finally, she took a tiny scrap of dough, rolled it, and baked it into a thin piece such that it looked like a wafer, but was still too greedy to part with it. Saint Peter got angry at this behaviour of the old lady. He told her that she was far too selfish to be a human and to have food, shelter, and fire for warmth. He turned her into a woodpecker and she flew off the chimney. All her clothes were burnt except her scarlet cap and she lives in the woods to this day, boring all day for food.


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