8.they would not

8.they would not 8. the given extracts and answer the following que would have you to stir forth to-day. mucking the entrails of an offer.ng forth. (a) Who is the Six•akcr of thcsc lincs? (b) Why would •they' not •you' forth? (c) Vltat you rncan by •entradC? W%en the resistance movement began secretly to form. th• we pea:cc at last. thcv back to thor bciovcd (a) Who IS the spcakcr ot thc abovc lines? (b) What had happened to •their beloved sister?

Dear Student,

a) The servant is the speaker of these lines.
b) 'They' refers to the priests who advised Caesar to not move out of the house because the beast sacrificed by the priest lacked a heart.
c) The word 'entrails' means the internal organs of a person or an animal that are being exposed. In reference to these lines,it means the anatomy of the beast that was sacrificed.


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