(a) Adrenaline is often described as the emergency hormone        True/False
(b) There are two kinds if diabetes (mild and severe) related with two different hormones      True/False
(c) Simple goitre can be prevented by using iodised salt in
food. True/False
(d) Pituitary is popularly called the master gland. True/False
(e) Hormones "obey" the commands like "enough. slow 
down or "two little, speed up". True/False
(f) Gigantism and dwarfism in humans basically depend 
on the quality and quantity of the food eaten during True/False
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(A) True - When we experience emotions such as anger or fear, the medulla of adrenal glands release epinephrine into the bloodstream which causes an increase in fat metabolism for energy, increase in heart rate, blood pressure and muscle strength. The set of these rapid body changes help the body to either face the emergency or escape from the situation. This response of the body is also termed as "flight or fight" response.
(b) False - The two different kinds of diabetes are diabetes insipidus caused due to insufficient secretion of vasopressin and the other is 'diabetes mellitus' caused due to hyposecretion of insulin but they cannot be described as mild and severe.
(c) True - Iodine is an active ingredient in the production of the thyroxine hormone.
(d) True - Pituitary gland controls the functioning of all the other endocrine glands.
(e) True - Hormones are poured directly into blood the blood stream and control physiological processes by chemical means. Their action depends on the feedback mechanism.
(f) False- Gigantism and dwarfism are controlled by the growth hormone secreted from pituitary gland. Growth hormone is much more active in children for their normal body growth along with which necessary substance required for the synthesis of growth hormone need to be consumed. These hormones are regulated by their respective glands. 


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Insulin and glucagon
When the glucose level is high, the beta cells secrete insulin into the blood; when glucose levels are low, secretion of insulin is inhibited.Their neighboring?alpha cells, by taking their cues from the beta cells secrete? glucagon? into the blood in the opposite manner: increased secretion when blood glucose is low, and decreased secretion when glucose concentrations are high.
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