A body moves with a velocity of 10m/s for 10s and then with a velocity of 20m/s in the same direction for 40s. Find its initial velocity.

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We use the formula v=u + at
where v=final velocity
 u= initial velocity
 a= acceleration
t= time
Here assuming,  v1u1 + at1   and   v2u1 + at2
where u1 = initial velocity
v1 - u1t1=a=v2 - u1t2
(10- u1)/10 = (20-u1)/40
40 - 4u1= 20 - u1
40 - 20 = 4u1 - u1
20 = 3u1
u1= 20/3​​​​​​

So, the initial velocity = 20/3.
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