A company may take loans from financial institutions in foreign currency also.Mention the aspect of loans from financial institutions which is highlighted by this statement and explain five other points of this aspect.

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In order to raise funds from the international capital market the following sources can be used:
1. Commercial banks: The banks that are located globally provide funds in the international currency so as to enable firms to undertake international business operations. 
2. International agencies and development banks: The government in the developed nations set up agencies and banks with the objective of financing the development projects in the backward areas of the world. 
3. International capital market: In the international capital market there are various institutes that have global operations.The following are the sources of funds in the international market:
  • 1. Global Depository Receipts: They are issued by domestic companies in the international market with the objective of raising funds in the domestic currency. They can be converted into equitable shares. 
  • 2. American Depository Receipts: They are issued by domestic company in USA. They are issued only to American citizens. 
  • 3. Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds: They are debt securities, which after a period of time are converted into equity shares or depository receipts. 

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