A dialogue between grandmother and grandson ..what all he learnt in school this year and what he missed.(100)words

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Given below is just a sample outline that you can work on. I would highly recommend you attempting this on your own, as this is a creative task to improve your writing skills and your imaginative power. 

Grandmother - How was your previous academic year?
Grandson - It was pretty good. A mix of good days and bad, but mostly good!
Grandmother - Ok...Tell me the bad parts first.
Grandson - I had to let go of some of my friends, as they were getting into some very bad habits. I tried to advise them but they didn't want to listen. In fact, they wanted me to join them. Letting them go was actually a learning experience.
Grandmother - That's sounds like a good lesson. Much more valuable than what your textbooks can teach you!
Grandson - By the way, something very good happened too! I have been selected as the Council Member from my grade for the coming year, based on my academic and sports performance.
Grandmother - You are a born leader! You will shine for sure. And I hope your friends gain inspiration from you and turn a new leaf. 

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