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Subject: English , asked on 20/11/12

A essay on " Importance of value in human life" .


Amrita Hazra , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 21/11/12

Various ways to be an ideal person and inhibit values are:

  • Stay disciplined and punctual every time all the days, no excuses.

  • Respect your parents and teachers.

  • Complete the task assigned to you on time. Never postpone your work until it is absolutely necessary.

  • Be friendly, compassionate and helpful towards your friends and fellow classmates.

  • Always respect the other person's opinions. You will get a chance to put forth yours. Therefore, never negate or try to overpower your opinion or decision upon the other. 

  • Accept what someone has to say when it is backed by strong logic and reasons. You should never fail to agree on that. 

Hope these points help you frame the required answer. 

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