A friend of yours has been hospitalised because of a fracture while playing football.write a letter to him giving some cheerful news, a promise of a visit soon, and wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Mza aya or khel football
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Or khel
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pls meri english ka hw hein. 
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Dear Friends,

I was shocked to hear that you have a fracture in leg during playing football. When I listen this news, I felt very sad. Dear friend you are not coming to school but you will be happy to know that you got highest mark in the class. The classes are started. But don't worry. I don't want to put you in panic about this. Don't get tensed about the class work. I will give you all the class work. I wish your fast recovery. I have came to know that your treatment is under a good doctor. Follow all the advice and instruction of the doctor, because it is very important for your quick recovery. Also I want to suggest you that get rest sufficiently. Your friend were fell in grief -stricken after listening about you. We all pray to god for your quick recovery. I will visit you soon.

So take care of your health and get well soon. We are waiting for your return to school. Please convey my regards to uncle and aunt at home. See you soon.
                                                                Your Sincerely,
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Where is the address
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74, Surya Apartments
Dwarka New Delhi

Dear Anjali
I have only just heard from your mother that you have been admitted in the hospital as you got a fracture in your leg while playing football.  i know it is a tough work to do. But i know you will surely beat this pain and come out again. Anjali  you are my strongest friend and i know that this fracture is nothing in front of you. You can beat it in minutes, no no not in minutes but in seconds. I promise you that on this Saturday and Sunday i will come to the hospital to meet you. After that we both will beat this pain. I will take leave from my school and will stay with you till you get fine.
Pay my regards to uncle and aunt
Yours Lovingly
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Dear friends?

I was so scared and was also bit shocked. He is now in hospital. He is hurt very badly. He got fractured while playing football. I feel so bad to him. I wish that he was better. Friends? could you cheer him up? Give him some cheerful news. By chance? if you could go to the hospital? give him some gifts since he is fractured. Talk to him nicely if you get any chance. Say sorry about what happened. I would like some great wishes. Pls reply back to me about what happended there. Regards? tejaswini
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Dear friend?

Sorry about your fracture. I am so sorry. I was so scared. And when you fell? I was so shocked and felt bad. I will come to the hospital and try to cheer you up. I will get some gifts for you and I will talk to you politely by chance. If you want? I can pick up some of my friends to the hospital. Take care. Kind regards? tejaswini.
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C-467 3rdfloor
Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi-110019

12 September 2018

Dear Haaris,
How are you and your family keeping up. I here am in fine health.
I heard you have fractured your leg while playing football. I hope it will heal soon and not give you to much pain. I wish you a speedy recovery. I promise to come to meet you soon in your hospital. Football is a rough game. I too had fractured my foot few months ago in playing football.
    Once again I offer my condolences. Ihope that you will pull through without much pain. Once again wishing you a speedy recovery.

Yours affectionately,
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!at kehel football cricket khdl hatth tutega par nahi
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