A) how does cryIAc gene express itself in its host ? B) State the role of this gene in controlling the infestation of bollworm.

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​CryIAc gene are naturally found in Bacillus thuringiensis (bacterium) that codes for Cry proteins, which are toxins acting against pests such as cotton bollworms . Thes genes are transferred through genetic engineering in plants so these transgenic plants become resistant towards cotton bollworms.  Trangenes are inserted in the host genome along with some essential elements that  ensure expression of the transgene in a regulated manner.  These essential elements are a promoter, (a regulatory sequence that will determine where and when the transgene is active), a segment of DNA coding for protein of interest, and a stop sequence. 

The gene Cry IAc control the infestation of cotton bollworms. After the introduction of genes into plant cells. These genes are expressed and produce the toxin crystals in plant and when insect (bollworm) feeds on this plant, it dies.

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