A man walks a certain distance with certain speed. If he walks 1/2 km an hour faster, he takes 1 hour

less. If he walks 1 km an hour slower, he takes 3 more hours. Find the distance covered by the man
and his original rate of walking.

let the original rate of walking be x km/hr and the distance covered be y km.

therefore time taken to cover y km = distance/speed = y / x hr


if he walks 1/2 km/hr faster , he takes 1 hour less, therefore eq is:

if he walks 1 km / hr slower, he takes 3 more hours:

from eq(1) and eq(2):

since x is the speed , it can not be zero, therefore rate of walking = 4 km/hr


y = 48-12 = 36 km

thus the distance covered is 36 km.

hope this helps you.


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