A monochromatic light passes through a glass slab (refractive index=3/2) of thickness 90 cm in time t1. If it takes a time t2 to travel the same distance through water (refractive index=4/3).The value of (t1_ t2) is
1)5*10^_8s 2)5*10^_10s 3)2.5*10^_10s 4)2.5 *10^_8s

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Case I:t1=dv1   =dcμ1   =1c   =0.9×323×108   =4.5×10-9 sCase II:t2=dv2   =dcμ2   =2c   =0.9×433×108   =4.0×10-9 sDifference of t1 and t2 :t=4.5×10-9-4.0×10-9      =0.5×10-9 s      =5×10-10 s    
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