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a question from PSA question paper .

the age and height of six students in a class are as follows:

1. Amit is taller and older than Tanu but shorter and younger than shruti.

2.bharat is taller than chandan who is not as tall as tanu.

3.the oldest is the shortest .

4.the youngest would be fourth if the children stood in a line according to their height and one starts counting from the tallest.

5.bharat is younger than ritu but older than chandan who is older than shruti.


Q1.who among them is the tallest?



c.shruti inadequate

Q2. who is older than tanu but younger than shruti?


b.bharat .

c.amit. inadequate.

Q3.which of the following statement is definately true.

a.bharat is the oldest person.

b.tanu is the tallest person

c.amit is older than bharat.

d.ritu is shortest.

Q4. which of the following is the correct order of height in decending order.

a. amit, shruti, bharat ,tanu ,chandan ,ritu.

b.ritu ,bharat chandan shruti amit tanu

c. bharat shruti amit tanu chandan ritu

d.shruti bharat amit tanu chandan ritu

Q5.who's rank in height can not be positioned definately.






pls answer this fast.

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Hi Friend ,

Please visit the following link for PSA Answer Key for Class IX

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