A-Rewrite each sentence removing "too"

1. The boy is now too old for a beating.

2.The room is too small for us all.

3.She is too young for marriage.

4.It is too cold indeed.

5.She sobbed so deeply that she could not give any answer.

6.He seems to be needy beyond the proper limit.

7.The fairymother was kind more than enough indeed.

8.He worked so hard that he could not keep healthy.

B-Interchange to assertive form.

1.When can a martyr die?

2.Where are thy charms, O soltitude?

3.Who cares for the poor in the world?

Five of your queries have been answered. Try answering the rest on your own to develop your language skills:

1. The boy is now so old that he can't get a beating.
2. The room isn't big enough for us all.
3. She isn't old enough for marriage.
4. It is more than enough cold indeed.
5. She sobbed too deeply to give an answer.

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