A secretary who has worked for your corporation for fifteen year is in volved in a car accident in which she permanently loses the use of her right hand.more over,she does not believe that she could fine other employment at this time.should your corporation fire her,lay her off with compensation or fine away to retain her?resolving this dilemma apply..utilitarianism,the right model


Utilitarianism is a normative theory that strives to achieve happiness of most. Applying the concept, in the give circumstance, the employee should be laid off with a compensation. Since he cannot perform tasks that she performed earlier, if she continues to work, other employees will be unhappy about the situation as they will have to share her burden. She should be provided compensation as she has worked for the organisation for 15 years. Without this, the other employees in the organisation will feel that their loyalty and commitment to the organization is not valued.

The rights model : This model gives primacy to human rights of human beings. So, an employee who has given 15 years to the organization and is not in a condition to find alternate work should not be fired. The organisation should find a way to retain her.

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