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Rushali Gupta , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 27/9/12

a short paragraph on "shifting values among young teenagers" but plz fast a need it urgent


Amrita Hazra , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 28/9/12

Few important details that you might add in your answer are:

- Elders are the sole reason and source from where we can get the clear understanding of our culture and ethics. Social conventions and norms are taught by our elders only. They pass on our culture and knowledge of literature through oral or written tradition. They are and will always remain much more experienced than us and thus, are better judges of life. Elders command respect by their very aura of dignity and wisdom.

- Always respect the other person's opinions. You will get a chance to put forth yours. Therefore, never negate or try to overpower your opinion or decision upon the other. Accept what someone has to say when it is backed by strong logic and reasons. You should never fail to agree on that. 

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Satvik Ramaprasad , added an answer, on 27/9/12
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