A single electron ion has charge+Ze where Z is atomic number and e is electronic charge. it requires 16.52eV to excite the electron from the second Bohr orbit to third Bohr orbit. find


- Atomic number of element


- The energy required for transition of electron from first to third orbit


- Wavelength of photon required to remove electron from first Bohr orbit to infinity


- The Kinetic Energy of electron in first Bohr orbit

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(a) 1 eV = 1.602×10-12 ergAlso, E=hcλ=E3-E2                = RH.c.h.Z2[122-132]or, 16.52×1.602×10-12=109678 Z2 [122-132]×3×1010×6.626×10-27Z2=16.52×1.602×10-12109678×3×1010×6.626×10-27×365Z2=8.7400 or, Z3(b) E=E3-E1 = RH.c.h.Z2[112-132]                              = 109678×3×1010×6.626×10-27×32×89                              =17.4×10-11 erg(c) 1λ=RH.Z2[112-12]1λ=109678×9or, λ=1.01×10-6 cm(d) K.E.=12mv2              =12m(2πZe2nh) =2π2Z2e4mn2h2              =2×(3.14)2×32×(4.803×10-10)4×9.108×10-2812×(6.625×10-27)2              = 2.17×10-11 erg

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